Camjam948 ​​​​
2 hours ago

flashback to when me and@syntax made a shit ton of namesnipes but they got banned as they were "bots'

Operation revive ChatPanda:
1. spread ur referral link everywhere, but don't get a community where people use this site for money.
2. advertise in the gaming communities, not anywhere else.
3. mention the benefits of using this site early on, like verification.
4. post stuff that will want people to keep coming back, for example, I'm interested in posting Roblox news/website news.

We need a quote reshare, so I can caption something I repost from somebody else.

In response Camjam948 ​​​​ to his Publication

I will add some credits for you bro to run some ads targeting US

SUggestion: A live streaming area for verified people and, 2. a tab for when you get verified to see only verified likes, mentions, ETC@administrator

Hey Admin and devs, please don't lose motivation for this site. I know posts from you guys still happen, but we haven't had an update in a long time. A lot of us are really looking forward to one.