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For account verification, just follow 20 other accounts, upload a profile picture, include your website URL in your profile, and at least make 50 posts and I will verify your account. Let us invite our friends over here!!!!

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons free update for January is available now! Enjoy a range of new reactions, purchase new seasonal items, and get ready for feathers and festivities when the Festivale event begins on 2/15.

Oh, how could I forget? It's Groundhog Day today! Every February 2nd, a beloved groundhog pokes its head out of the ground, and folks try to predict the start of spring based on its shadow. I hear that Nook Shopping has a cute little item to commemorate the occasion—today only!

What is your favorite Nintendo Switch Online feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? For more details, check out: http://ninten.do/6014pIyz8

February is here, and with it is the Festivale event in#AnimalCrossing: New Horizons! Before you meet Pavé on 2/15, be sure to grab the new reactions, seasonal items, and stylish outfits this month, too. We hope you continue to have a delightful time on your island!

Hello, everyone! I hear there's an important football game coming up in the US. I get so excited that I wish I were out there playing...but cheering from the sidelines with a megaphone from Nook Shopping may be the next best thing! I hope everyone has fun!

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Hi, friends! Festivale is coming up on the 15th, and we'll be hosting a super-fun guest...Pavé, dance champion internationalé! If you want to get into the spirit, don't miss the collection of dance Reactions in the cabinet at Nook's Cranny, available now through the 15th.

Happy Friday, everyone! Did you know today is the start of the Lunar New Year? People all around the world will be celebrating in different ways, and if you want to join in, Nook Shopping is offering a handful of neat items for a limited time.

Hello and happy Setsubun! Just a quick reminder to check out the cool Setsubun-related goods at Nook's Cranny and the tailor shop while you can. The items will only be available until the end of the day tomorrow!

Hello! Now that February is here, we're less than two weeks away from Valentine's Day on the 14th. Nook Shopping will have some fun Valentine's items in stock for a limited time—I hope you find just the right thing for your valentine...or yourself!

BLM people trying to explain how burning down buildings is ok because cops shot a guy:

looks like i have to change my name if i want ti get verified rip

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seems like my bot code got leaked and now there was a mass wave of bots.

guys lets make this the most liked cheese here
cause Im bored

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