the only person my mom hates
10 days ago
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the only person my mom hates


no discord: actz#2680

😿😿😿😿😿dapreson i ogt it
anxity e got yes
frien no got it

BLM people trying to explain how burning down buildings is ok because cops shot a guy:


Someone unfollowed me. To whoever did, read my description backwards please.

Hello? *posts echos through the room of inactive website*

Also this post of mine was wrong, I didn't realize it was from 1 month ago, but even with that after one month it shouldn't be showing on "Hot topics" unless it's being posted normally. Dead spammed hashtags aren't hot lol

I thought you guys patched this
nice verification mark somehow...

It seems like they fixed the who to follow, that's pretty cool

I just realized this site is dead, so I can fill the whole home page lets go

🤠lol chatpanda?
more like endangered becuz its dying