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@bcse_d on twitter lol here I will be posting random stuff

Operation revive ChatPanda:
1. spread ur referral link everywhere, but don't get a community where people use this site for money.
2. advertise in the gaming communities, not anywhere else.
3. mention the benefits of using this site early on, like verification.
4. post stuff that will want people to keep coming back, for example, I'm interested in posting Roblox news/website news.

wow the old hashtags
are coming back to hot topics

ngl the steve smash reveal
I didnt expect that

-The site is loading very fast now!
-You can now run a sponsored ads on #ChatPanda
-We have introduced affiliate for you to make more money via referring friends to join #ChatPanda
-All links shared now fetch OG data easily!
-Emojis on chat now available
-Improved who to follow and trending topics
-Dark mode to come in the next update!

@camjam948 just discovered that okie (the owner of chatpanda) internet is pretty bad

we really need to get ads to at least help him out

man this site really needs to be revived

its pretty dead rn
I hope it gets revived soon