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58th chatpanda user | i make suggestions and talk about random things.

i leave for 3 days and 18 or 19 people have followed me, is chatpanda finally becoming mainstream

according to ➡️ youtube statistics📶📶 only a SMALL :pinching_hand::pinching_hand:❌❌percentage ➗➗ of people who watch 👀 👁️👁️my videos🔥🎥 are ACTUALLY 😤😤 subscribed💯. make sure😤 to hit🤛 🤛 that subscribe button💯💯 and smack 👋 that 🔔(bell) to stay😤 notified📣📣✅✅ when i post🕑 🕝new videos

also site admin thanks for recognizing my existence

iconic chatpanda moments

- Golden Donut
-Chatpanda Fourms
-Getting the discord server official
-i like ya cut g, the story

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i love how this simple website that ammon came across has gained a genuine community.

this website needs to get adds quick or chatpanda wont last much longer. theres alot of potential for this website but activity continues to decrease every day the site is getting less and less relevant (part of the fact that ammon is never here anymore) and that we have seen a lack of updates. seriously, chatpandas first day was getting probably 100's of publications a minute, now decreasing to like a publication every 2 hours. like, if this website wants to survive then its going to need a lot more attention,

at this point im getting desperate to find someone that has more followers than me besides ammon and admin, like seriously there are so many beta testers and people trying to find bugs on the site, yet the guy who posted a jimmy neutron meme is almost to 100 followers? no

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why does every millioniare person when they make a video always sit behind palmtrees, like seriously did they sign a contract or something

only the people who have been literally heartbroken understand this