Operation revive ChatPanda:
1. spread ur referral link everywhere, but don't get a community where people use this site for money.
2. advertise in the gaming communities, not anywhere else.
3. mention the benefits of using this site early on, like verification.
4. post stuff that will want people to keep coming back, for example, I'm interested in posting Roblox news/website news.

American ChatPanda users, who are you rooting for this election?

I thought the Like All posts thing was patched.. but I guess not lmao. Sorry chatpanda

I remember when I joined chatpanda I was welcomed by #WelcomeBenjabella and later joined the #KenyansOnChatPanda bandwagon.

In response Mini Toon to his Publication

Ahoy, if you are real why don't you post your chatpanda account link on twitter bro

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