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# kenya I have $1000 i want to build a three bedroom house

In response Shadrack Matata to his Publication

You can also be easily hacked through those plug-ins you're installing from random sources. It's funny and crazy how most of government sites in Kenya are proudly powered by WordPress 😂


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Kenyans, stop misusing the word "hacking". Recently you've heard so and so lost his verified instagram account to IRAQ hackers. I find it laughable to hear one of our Kenyan celebrities lost a YouTube channel to Tanzanian "hackers"🤣. As long as your password is not 123456, if anything happens to your account, you were not hacked, you're just careless.It's either you trusted some idiot with your login credentials or saved them in a browser, and probably someone stole them via phishing or browser hooking and none should be termed as hacking. If you fe

International travel into and out of the territory of Kenya shall continue in accordance with existing guidelines on foreign and international travel. All persons coming into the country must be in possession of a negative Covid-19 PCR certificate acquired no more than 96 hours prior to arrival into the country. With the PCR certificate also having been validated under the trusted travel platform for those traveling by air #covid19ke

Kenyatta announces a cessation of all movement by road, rail or air into and out of disease-infected area - Nairobi, Kajiado, Kiambu and Nakuru - effective midnight tonight

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In response chatpanda Admin to his Publication

When Kenyans and Ugandans pray, their prayers are answered in Tz 😢

samsung s20fe(fan edition) to be available in Kenya starting at Ksh 80,000 and it will be on pre-order from October 9 and officially available on 23rd October.
#Kenya #TechNews

Huku mliamua hakuna ku release apk ama tukae kwa site tu #Kenya

Kenya has the potential to create more innovations to minimize the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus increasing resilience to avoid overwhelming the health system in the country.

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