samsung s20fe(fan edition) to be available in Kenya starting at Ksh 80,000 and it will be on pre-order from October 9 and officially available on 23rd October.

Huku mliamua hakuna ku release apk ama tukae kwa site tu#Kenya

Kenya has the potential to create more innovations to minimize the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus increasing resilience to avoid overwhelming the health system in the country.

Many people have told me to quit the masters of the universe( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) platforms but that is not the big debate.

I agree that social media has changed and the money-oriented behemoths have tightened things at the expense of free speech but quitting is what those that have pushed the big-tech giants to censor us want.

When Cambridge Analytica was exposed, Kenyans did nothing because to them, privacy and the value of their data doesn't matter, and that saddens me

Will there ever be a serious Kenyan based platform

President Uhuru Kenyatta to address the nation this afternoon

Should President Uhuru Kenyatta re-open Kenya’s economy today?


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EACC has been collaborating with and exchanging information with various agencies such as the religious sector, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the financial reporting sector, Asset Recovery Agency (ARA), as well as the Central Bank of Kenya to fight corruption.

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