this website needs to get adds quick or chatpanda wont last much longer. theres alot of potential for this website but activity continues to decrease every day the site is getting less and less relevant (part of the fact that ammon is never here anymore) and that we have seen a lack of updates. seriously, chatpandas first day was getting probably 100's of publications a minute, now decreasing to like a publication every 2 hours. like, if this website wants to survive then its going to need a lot more attention,

My phone number remains 0710280973 for any alert or news updates send there. I also share a lot of news on the status. If you want to be getting the alerts WhatsApp me “Add”. Twende Kazi. Already added 11,000 contacts.

Good morning Chatpanders!
New features updates coming before the end of this week!
Let us keep inviting our friends to join Chatpanda!

In response (follow me) spyrotoons to his Publication

no, i get your point,. this site is getting bigger than it probably expected and it is probably likely that the site isnt very protected. we just have to keep our personal data safe until we get security updates.

In response YAbOI Ammon to his Publication

Awesome work actually. I love the website. I hope to grow and I cant wait to see the new updates *Cough* dark mode *Cough* Thanks Ammon for this new platform

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